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To submit your article to BreakupTest, please email your article as a word file attachment to  with the subject line addressed as ‘Article Submission – BreakupTest’.

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How long should my article be?

We usually prefer articles to be around 600 to 1500 words but all submissions will be reviewed. If we like it we will publish it.

How many people will see my article?

BreakupTest is gaining new followers and unique visitors daily so your article will potentially be viewed by millions of readers from around the world.

What should I write about?

We are looking for articles that have something to do with breakups, divorce, or relationships. Also if you have something else that you think will fit into the site please feel free and submit it. We may just post it. Please only submit original content.

What do I get for submitting a article?

When you write articles for BreakupTest™ you are typically given a by-line or author bio which you can link to your website. By linking to your site you are gaining lots of exposure and tons of traffic to your site. Getting a few articles placed can be a great pipeline to a journalism or writing career and a powerful tool on your resume.

We’re excited to hear from you, and look forward to sharing your thoughts and stories with the rest of the world.

~The BreakupTest Team

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